Best Casino Bonuses

While we will use several different criteria to determine which casinos are great and which are not, one of the most important will be which casinos offer the best casino welcome bonus. Here, we are going to peek at what you can expect from phone bill casinos in terms of welcome bonuses.

What is a welcome bonus?

A long, long time ago there were only a few online casinos around. Since there was so little competition, these casinos could advertise a little bit and then expect people to come through the door. For the most part, there was very little effort involved. Then things changed.

When broadband became popular, online casinos started to spring up everywhere. With so many casinos out there, it suddenly became difficult to compete in the online space. This is where the best casino bonuses come in.

Casino bonuses are a way to get people through the door. You can think of it as ‘free cash’, although it is not strictly that as there will be several different wagering requirements involved.

Basically, you are going to be given some sort of incentive for playing at the phone bill casinos, or however you wish to deposit your money. There are several different bonuses available.

Free Spins Bonuses

If you are mainly heading to a website to play on slot machines, then the best casino welcome bonus for you will be free spins. It is just how it sounds. You are going to get some free spins on their machines. Nifty, right? There are two different types of free spin incentive:

No deposit free spins: you do not have to deposit anything into your account. You just sign up and you spin the machines. Simple stuff.

Free spins with a deposit: you will need to deposit cash. The benefit here is that you tend to get more free spins to play about with.
It is very rare for free spins to be the only incentive for signing up to an online casino, particularly when it comes to making a deposit. It is likely that the free spins will be limited to the best machines on the site too.

Don’t worry too much about that, though. These machines tend to be the better ones, so it is not much of an issue!

Match Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most popular types of casino bonus nowadays. The idea is that you deposit some cash, and the casino will match whatever your deposit will be. There will be fixed limits to it, normally a couple of hundred pounds. Of course, you will still need to make that initial deposit, which can be a sticking point for many people.

This is why we spend time looking over as many casino sites as we possibly can. We want to recommend the best websites. This way you can be sure that your money is in the safest possible hands!

No Deposit Bonus

You will not need to deposit anything into your account. You will just be given some money and you will be able to play about with it. This is a great way to get into an online casino website with no commitment!

There will be very strict wagering requirements in place here. You will, probably, not be able to withdraw the cash that you have won until you play through your winnings a couple of times. This is fine. No deposit bonuses are pretty much just for checking how a site functions anyway.

High Roller Bonuses

In the past, online casino websites tended to focus on just the ‘newer’ players. Things have now changed. They want to keep people sticking around. This is where high roller bonuses come into play. The idea is that you will be rewarded the more you play on the various games that they have!

VIP Bonuses

If you are a real asset to the casino website and pay by phone casinos, is that they will also offer you VIP bonuses. These are major incentives to keep you sticking around.

This may involve some free spins thrown in your direction every so often, it may involve dedicated support, and it may even involve gifts sent to your home (if you are a really good player, the casinos seem to love doing this!)

Why not dive into our list of websites which offer the best casino welcome bonus? These sites have been handpicked not just for the ‘free cash’ that they throw in your direction, but for the quality of the site as a whole. We are sure you will not be disappointed with any of them!